Week of Action

Sunday, October 13th

Organize Your Butterflies –  A Special Week Without Violence Series

We’re kicking off our Week of Action a day early this year to help promote Week Without Violence 2019 and spotlight all the incredible work we do as the largest network of domestic and sexual violence service providers in the nation. Our first episode in this series, “YWCA’s Annual Campaign to End Gender-Based Violence” will highlight programs and experts working to support survivors and prevent gender-based violence. We will post a total of five podcasts during  Week Without Violence 2019,  sobe sure to listen and share an episode each day. Each of the other four episodes will focus on the many different ways women—including some of the amazing leaders at YWCA—are working to help women, girls, and families. For Week Without Violence 2019, Organize Your Butterflies is highlighting different facets of gender-based violence, and the programs and people dedicated to ending this violence.

Please share, download, and listen to the WWV19 special edition of Organize Your Butterflies.
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Monday, October 14th

Indigenous People’s Day #MMIW

The first day of our Week Without Violence campaign falls on Indigenous People’s Day. To honor the importance of this day for Native and Indigenous peoples, we are spotlighting the crisis of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, which affects some of the most vulnerable populations in the country. We invite you to join us on social media and to educate your networks and communities about this often-overlooked form of gender-based violence. #MMIW

  • Stay tuned for sample language and social media graphics about the issue of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.
  • Use the hashtag #MMIW on all your social media posts to join in solidarity with this movement toward ending gender-based violence in Native and Indigenous communities.

Tuesday, October 15th

Capitol Hill Call-In Day

Strengthening policies that support survivors and help prevent gender-based violence starts with constituents like you! This Capitol Hill Call-In Day, we invite you to engage your Members of Congress by taking action online; calling your legislators; and engaging with these discussions on social media, using the hashtag #WWV19 and tweeting at your Member of Congress. Together we can paint Capitol Hill persimmon by demanding attention from our elected officials on the important issue of gender-based violence. Get involved:

Wednesday, October 16th

Imagine a World Without Violence

When we envision a world without violence, we begin to build a path to creating that world. Help us raise awareness about gender-based violence, support survivors and envision a world without violence! Today, we ask you to:

  • Take a Week Without Violence campaign selfie (or group photo) using one of our fillable signs. Share your photo on social media using the hashtag #WWV19, and then tag 5 friends and challenge them to do the same! Check out our useful Week Without Violence photo guide for more info and sample social media posts.
  • Can’t or don’t want to post a photo? Support us! YWCA is the largest network of domestic services providers in the country, and your support is crucial to our work. Every year, we help 500,000 women, girls and families get and stay safe through sexual assault, trafficking, and violence prevention programs. Our YWCAs couldn’t do this critical work without support from people like you!

Capitol Hill Briefing – Breaking Intergenerational Cycles of Domestic Violence and Trauma

Domestic violence trauma has lifelong impacts for victims and their families, often triggering cycles of abuse across generations. Today, we invite you to attend our briefing, featuring YWCA Northeastern Massachusetts, YWCA Central Alabama, YWCA New Hampshire, YWCA Silicon Valley, and YWCA Annapolis & Anne Arundel County, who  provide trauma-informed services that meet the housing, economic, justice, and other needs of survivors of violence and abuse.

  • Register and attend our Week without Violence Briefing from noon to 1:30 PM at the Capitol Visitor Center in Washington, D.C.
  • Join YWCA’s Celebratory Reception for the 25th Anniversary of the Violence Against Women Act and the 35th Anniversary of the Family Violence Prevention and Services Act from 5:30 -7:00PM.
  • Promote and attend both events!

Thursday, October 17th

Make the Local Focal: Where do Your Elected Officials Stand?

Take action! Collective action requires collective responsibility, and it all starts with YOU! It is critical that we each engage with our local elected officials on the important issue of gender-based violence.  And to really make change we must engage our communities, friends, and colleagues. Get involved:

  • Call on your local and state elected officials to sign the Week Without Violence Pledge to engage in ending gender-based violence.
  • Hold state and local elected officials accountable: Ask questions and find out what their positions are on policies that support survivors. Ask them how they will work to implement changes to end violence against women and girls, and to better provide support and resources. Use our Week Without Violence Advocacy Toolkit to get started and check out more information about ways to take action in your community and with your elected officials on our Join Us page!
  • Write a letter to the editor! Use the template in the Advocacy Toolkit to get the word out to your community about the prevalence of gender-based violence in your community and the importance of building a community and a world free from violence.
  • Stay connected: Sign up to receive our action alerts.

Friday, October 18th

Ending Gun Violence: Disarming Domestic Abusers

Join us for an engaging Twitter chat from 2 to 3 p.m. ET, hosted by our team at @YWCAUSA! We will be discussing the intersection of gender-based violence and gun violence. Participate in the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #WWV19.