Organize Your Butterflies: Week Without Violence

Check back to this page during the Week Without Violence campaign to hear the newest episode of Organize Your Butterflies!

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10/14 – A Week Without Violence: YWCA’s Annual Campaign to End Gender-Based Violence

This introductory special episode of OYB features YWCA CEO Alejandra Y. Castillo and expert guest Rosie Hidalgo discussing the realities of domestic violence and its deep entrenchment in American society. Rosie’s experience as a member of, and years of working within, the Latinx community provides a deeper lens into the culture of machismo and how it is intrinsic to Domestic Violence. The episode explores the dangers of victim shaming, and the benefits of peer education and community activism. YWCA Utah and CEO Anne Burkholder is this episodes featured spotlight. Burkholder discusses the YWCA Utah “campus” and how it provides a comprehensive place for survivors to seek safety and access essential resources after trauma.

YWCA WWV Rosie Hildago Anne Burkholder


10/15 – A Week Without Violence: Economic Abuse – It’s More than Dollars and Cents

This episode of Organize Your Butterflies is hosted by YWCA CEO Alejandra Y. Castillo and features expert guest Kim Pentico discussing the realities of economic abuse, and how this often “invisible” abuse method is so prominent domestic violence cases. The podcast discusses how to identity economic abuse, what to do if you are in an economically abusive situation, and resources for survivors. YWCA Evanston/North Shore and Financial Education Specialist Fabiola Alfonso is this episode’s featured spotlight. Alfonso discusses the unique challenges that survivors of economic abuse feature, and how YWCA Evanston/North Shore is making it possible for these women to learn and grow both their knowledge and wallets.

Kim Pentico Fabiola Alfonso


10/16 – A Week Without Violence: Trauma Informed Care – Helping Survivors Heal

This episode of Organize Your Butterflies is hosted by YWCA CEO Alejandra Y. Castillo and features expert guest Kiersten Stewart. The episode explores the in-depth ways that survivors of domestic and sexual violence can heal after trauma, and what trauma informed care looks like in practice. In this candid conversation, Castillo and Steward discuss the importance of trauma-based care at many levels and how to support someone who has disclosed that they are a survivor.

Kiersten Stewart


10/17 – A Week Without Violence: Ensuring Safety for Immigrant Women

This episode of Organize Your Butterflies features a conversation between YWCA CEO and expert guest Grace Huang discussing how domestic and sexual violence can have additional hurdles to healing for immigrant women. In particular they discuss how the language barrier, immigration status, and cultural norms can affect how and why a survivor may not seek safety after experiencing violence. YWCA Tulsa and Staff Attorney Adair Fincher is this episode’s spotlight. Fincher discusses the various ways that YWCA Tulsa is helping out survivors from all backgrounds and improving their lives through legal action and education.

Grace Huang Adair Fincher


10/18 – A Week Without Violence: Ending Gun Violence – Disarming Domestic Abusers

This episode of Organize Your Butterflies is hosted by Alejandra Y. Castillo and features special expert guests Rob Valente and Dorian Karp. Rob and Dorian have built careers helping women, advocating for gun safety legislation, and working to end domestic violence. In this episode they discuss the linkages between domestic violence and gun ownership, commonsense gun laws, and what resources are available keep women safe and survivors healing. YWCA Pierce County and CEO Miriam Barnett is this episode’s featured spotlight. Barnett discusses the importance of beauty within the healing process, and how YWCA Pierce County provides idyllic settings for survivors to heal.

Roberta Valente Dorian Karp Miriam Barnett