Organize Your Butterflies: Week Without Violence

Sunday, October 18

Week Without Violence: Me Too and the Evolving Movement to Interrupt and Eradicating Sexual Violence with Dani Ayers
Sexual harassment, abuse, and assault are serious and widespread issues that are often used to instill fear, humiliate, or punish; destroy lives, families, and communities; or enforce power dynamics. These previously taboo issues have now been put in the public spotlight and have sparked many new and important conversations due to the “Me Too” movement’s widespread influence around the world.

In this episode, Dani Ayers is the Chief Executive Officer of the “Me Too” Movement, talks about interrupting and eradicating sexual violence to empowering survivors of sexual assault, supporting and activating survivors, and the future of the movement.

Be sure to follow the me too. movement on Twitter at @MeTooMVMT and join in on the conversation using #MeToo. Learn more about YWCA resources for survivors of gender-based and sexual violence by visiting our website at

This episode also spotlights the work of YWCA Bucks County. Executive Director, Guillaume Stewart talks about the ways this local association shows up to provide food pantries, housing resources, computer classes, and so much more for their local community.
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Monday, October 19

Week Without Violence: The Allstate Foundation’s Moving Ahead Curriculum is Empowering Survivors of GBV
The Allstate Foundation’s Moving Ahead Curriculum has made significant strides to serve survivors of GBV who need support when it comes to financial empowerment. In this special edition episode of Organize Your Butterflies, Host Alejandra Y. Castillo, CEO, YWCA USA chats with Madeline Gregory, Philanthropy Manger, the Allstate Foundation and Linda Ellis-Williams, Director of Programs, YWCA Central Virginia, on how this program is providing clear and measured results for survivors who so desperately need it during the most vulnerable moments in their lives. 

For more information on the Allstate Foundation’s curriculum, check it out here. And be sure to follow along with YWCA Central Virginia’s programming here!
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Wednesday, October 21

The Military’s #MeToo Moment with Lucy C. Del Gaudio, Melissa Bryant, and Lindsay Church

In the wake of the murder of 20-year old Vanessa Guillen, an Army specialist, the military has faced an immense amount of scrutiny in how they investigate gender-based violence. In response to cries for accountability, a group of former members of the armed services have banded together to seek justice for Vanessa and her family to hold the military accountable for their inaction. Lucy C. Del Gaudio, Melissa Bryant, and Lindsay Church speak with Alejandra Y. Castillo on how they are advocating for Vanessa and providing a new blueprint for proper investigation of gender-based violence reports within the armed services.

As calls for transparency and accountability increase, these women are leading the way to achieve justice, and making history along the way. Please follow along @LadyDelDJ, @mabryant256 @lkmchurch, and contribute to the conversation to demand using the hashtag #JUSTICEFORVANNESSAGUILLEN on Twitter. For more information on what YWCA is doing to support survivors of gender-based violence, visit our website.
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Thursday, October 22

#StopStreetHarassment with Sophie Sandberg, Founder of CatCalls of NYC
Catcalls of NYC is a grassroots initiative that uses public chalk art to raise awareness about gender-based street harassment. In this episode, host Alejandra Y. Castillo chats with founder of the movement, Sophie Sandberg, discusses the origins of the movement, the art of chalking, feminism, and taking the conversation about harassment internationally.

The goal? To spur dialogue, provide a platform for story sharing, and promote cultural change.

Follow CatCalls of NYC Instagram @catcallsofnyc to read powerful stories from brave individuals and to learn how to start a CatCalls movement in your city.
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